For most organizations learning from incidents is a challenge. One of the biggest reasons is that the incident analysis process is not structured and used effectively to provide an adequate basis for improvement decisions. Agilos’ Incident Management solution provides you the right basis to organize your incident management process. It helps you to uncover what lessons could be learned and what steps should be taken to make effective improvements.

Incident Management Process

Our Incident Management solution captures detailed information about the incident. It categorizes this information based on pre-defined criteria and the severity level of the incident. Incident analysis is driven by collaborative workflows that automatically route the incident to the respective department. Responsiveness is ensured  by assigning investigative tasks to an individual or a team with due dates based on severity level. Each incident is logged and has a unique case number assigned to track the incident as it moves through various stages.

Incident analysis

We offer four of the most populair barrier based incident analysis methods to analyze incident details, determine root causes, suggest remedial actions and implement solutions.

Monitoring Dashboards and reports

Executive dashboards provide organization-wide visibility into the incident management process and highlight high-priority cases that need to be addressed.


  1. Collecting information: respond to incidents quickly and keep track of the status of incident investigations
  2. Supports and structures the incident analysis process
  3. Automates email notifications: unique workflow processes for different types of incidents
  4. Monitor incidents and trends with a variety of configurable reports and online dashboards