Regulations are becoming increasingly more complex. Think of  the Dutch Code Tabaksblatt, Basel 3, Solvency 2 en SOX, on top of the constantly changing existing regulations. How can you comply with these regulations within your organization?

Getting and keeping “the big picture”
To be able to comply with the regulations the first step is to have an actual overview of the regulations that are applicable for your organization.

Do regulations overlap?
Secondly it is important to document where compliance effects the various parts of the company.

What is the impact?
In the third place, the impact of compliance has to be translated into a control mechanism. This is where Risk Management and Security Control comes in.

‘In control’
Every organization has to document and summarize the applicable regulations, keep it up to date, translate it, interpret it and finally embed it in the processes and systems. We enable the organization to become “in control”. We do this by delivering the right tools and by securing implementation and operation using our content and approach, especially regarding building knowledge in the organization from the beginning