Internal control is control by or on behalf of the management to sustainably secure the control of organization processes and prevent fraud.

What does being in control mean?
To be in control is in the first place: knowing how organization processes are structured, which variances are possible, what IT applications and structure are used and making sure users are trained and motivated to perform these organization processes according to agreements.

Of course being in control also mean that manual and/or automated controls are regularly checked and logged. But when these controls can’t be related to ( the insight in) organization processes the value of them decreases significantly.

Always Audit Ready
When an organization is In Control, it makes her in most cases Always Audit Ready. Meaning you can welcome the auditor with open arms.

Broad definition
Internal SOX controls are just the tip of the iceberg: they only secure the interal controls on finacials reporting. Control is a much broader concept: the same controls can be used for several compliance demands: multi-compliance.

With this introduction we distinguish the following kinds of control and controls:

  • Enterprise Description
  • Internal Controls of organization processes
  • Access security: segregation of duties and access to critical transactions
  • Data quality
  • Availability and reliability of infrastructure

How Agilos enables you
Agilos helps organizations sustainably secure control and controls in the organization. From deep knowledge and expertise ( know-how and know-who) and relations with selected software suppliers, we document the organization or enable you to. We design a balanced system of internal control, secure implantation and act a sparring partner during the execution and continuous improvement phase.