Business operations has many dimensions. Some of them you encounter in day to day business, for others you employ specialists that are responsible for them. Business operations also brings risks. And you want to make these risks controllable and minimize them. One of these risks is financial fraud. Also your organization can be exposed to this.

How well does your gate function?
Too often it only  turns out  after the fact that fraud control is not properly organized, when it’s already too late. You want to be certain that fraudsters have no opportunity to harm your organization. It does not just save you a lot of trouble, but by being certain that your “gates” function properly, you grant yourself rest and certainty.

When it does happen..
When fraud does happen, you will want to know where it went wrong. Why does this opportunity to take an alternative route exist? What is this route? With the GRC and Process Mining tooling of Agilos you are assured of prevention and the right analysis.

Preventing financial fraud with process mining
Through process mining we analyze and visualize the processes (and internal controls) the way they actually happen based on the automated registrations of them.

‘In control’
With GRC we can subsequently secure segregation of duties, automate and log internal controls and present management dashboards thereof. We enable the organization to become “in control”. We do this by delivering the right tools and by securing implementation and operation using our content and approach, especially regarding building knowledge in the organization from the beginning.