More than 50% of companies is affected by data theft, digital industrial espionage or sabotage and about 28% is probably affected, but not aware. What about your system security?

In 94% of the the audits we performed, we were able to gain access to the local system; in 83% of the cases (depending on the tested system types)
we were able to penetrate additional SAP®-systems without detection.

How secure is your SAP®-system?

Our system security check for SAP® detects issues in the functional and technical protection of existing SAP®-systems at the following levels: operating system, database, network access and application server.
We help you to identify whether third parties without user IDs can log on to the system and whether internal users can acquire unauthorized privileges.

The Agilos System Security Health Check for SAP®

The System Security Health Check is performed on two levels:

Level 1 – Manual Penetration Test

Using penetration tests, our auditor attempt to gain access to the system or exploit technical issues to call function of the operating system, database or het SAP® NetWeaver Application Server.

Level 2 – Tool-supported, systematic security audits

Our SAST GRC module SystemTrack guarantees systematic checking and detection of all check fields. All relevant system components (ABAP stack, Java stack, operating system, database) and their settings are analysed.

The System Security Health Check contains comprehensive tests for the following areas:

Performing a penetration test from the intranet, including checking the SAP® J2EE stack

You receive clear and transparent reports on all issues detected.


System Security Health Check: 2-level testing