A successful attack on your SAP-system often has a devastating impact. Attempted break-ins often go unnoticed. Your systems are secure only if they have been correctly configured and hardened in accordance with “up-to-standard” security guidelines. In addition, constant monitoring is required to detect if someone is attacking your corporate data. SIEM enables this.

Continuous Security Monitoring

However, the identification of attacks and the evaluation of network traffic requires in-depth knowledge of paths of attack and the patterns of these attacks. It is essential for the security of your SAP-systems, that your system configuration, your user authorizations and your security and change logs are monitored constantly.
Evaluation of security data collected by SAP-systems, requires intelligent treatment of this information, central data collection, conversion to a uniform format and aggregation.

Our Security, Incident & Event Module (SIEM for SAP) performs this task. It monitors your SAP-systems by cyclically monitoring and analyzing security-relevant logfiles and the use of reports, transactions, and web services. In the process, all logs are already evaluated and filtered in the source system. In addition, the configuration of the system is constantly evaluated to identify weak points.


The SIEM for SAP® module is the solution for your SAP system security and supports you in:

  • Identifying risks
  • Reacting and escalating promptly
  • Closing security gaps

The SIEM for SAP® module is a comprehensive, practice-tested solution for extracting all relevant security information from your SAP®-systems: from the operating system, network, and database to the SAP application server. Integration with the IBM product QRadar enables your users to report critical SAP-system statuses directly to a comprehensive SIEM tool and security logs and events of all relevant IT-systems can be evaluated easily in a comprehensive SIEM solution. The Mobile Protect app (used in combination with SIEM for SAP) immediately informs you on your smartphone about critical transactions. Events that are relevant to security are forwarded so that you can view the most important details and immediately begin to execute the proper measures.



  1. The security status of all your SAP-systems at the touch of a button
  2. Increased system security thanks to constant monitoring
  3. Reduction of security gaps
  4. Ongoing security content update keeps the security of your SAP®-systems up to date
  5. Fast implementation and low-cost