Improve business efficiency by monitoring your key SAP® business processes.

Now, gain Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) for your key SAP® business processes. Our Process Control Suite provides exception-based reporting for configuration, master data and transactional activity across Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and other processes:

  1. SAP® Procure to Pay (P2P) Process Analyzer: Track your SAP®-based procure to pay transactions, and identify exceptions to business rules, on a continual basis.
  2. SAP® Order to Cash (OTC) Process Analyzer – Continuously monitor controls in your SAP® Order to Cash process, from sales order entry through shipping, invoicing and payment.

The Process Control Suite offers you:

  • Detailed Insights: C-level executives, line of business managers and internal auditors gain instant, detailed insight into the end-to-end procurement process in SAP®. That helps you reduce fraud risk and eliminate costly business inefficiencies.
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) of business rules. Simplify procurement complexities to gain greater oversight over the P2P process, and reduce fraud, waste and spend leakage.
  • Real-time notification of issues. The system checks every SAP® procure to pay interaction and ensures that business rules exceptions are immediately identified and reported to key personnel.
  • Exception management and remediation: users can drill down to the cause, then remediate or escalate the issue from within the system. Actions taken to remediate an issue are noted and saved for audit.


  1. Reduce wasteful spending and processing delays
  2. Improve visibility and improve business efficience
  3. Enhance audit efficiency, reduce audit costs