Access Control Analysis allows you to quickly assess potential compliance failures, easily remediate segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts, and control access to your SAP®-software.
Manage identified risks centrally and assign them to the responsible user departments.

Review of Access Controls

Real-time access control (risk) analysis and mitigation of authorizations for segregation of duty and sensitive authorization risks.
Check access authorizations across clients and systems. Monitor and evaluate critical SAP authorizations, combinations, processes and SoD frameworks using pre-configured and freely configurable SoD matrices. Detect critical authorizations in real  time as soon as a role is defined. Perform your analysis using extensible, predefined rulebooks that can be customized based on business or auditor requirements.

Automatically execute and deliver compliance reporting, using defined mitigating controls, to appropriate business owners for documented review.

With a simple mouse-click identified risks can be transferred directly from the analyses to the risk memory for further processing.
Dashboards provide easy access to compliance reporting and provide benchmarking of risk over time.

Integrating Access Control Analysis with User Access Management helps identify any new segregation of duty issues that are introduced based on requested changes.


  1. Maintain compliance and reduce audit preparation costs: reduce the time, cost and frustration of maintaining compliance with automated monitoring.
  2. Get instant notification of incidents: get notified in real time of executed risks in your SAP-system.
  3. Reduce burdens on your resources: dramatically reduce the burdens placed on your Security and Internal Audit teams, as well as the cost of establishing and maintaining clean security architecture.