Infrastructure security monitoring for SAP®.

Analyze and optimize the technical security of your SAP® system and interfaces automatically and in real time.
Control and monitor your entire SAP® system configuration.

Completely protected SAP®-systems

Analyze and optimize the infrastructure security of your SAP®-system automatically and in real time. All levels of your SAP®-system are examined, including operating system and database parameters as well as critical OSS Notes using more than 3.000 checks. This allows you to detect security vulnerabilities at an early stage. Even the code of self-developed ABAP programs is examined to identify potential vulnerabilities in the source code.



  1. Standard scope of delivery: > 3.000 checks
  2. Automated checks of security-relevant parameters and settings
  3. Analysis on all Basis platforms from SAP® R/3 through to NetWeaver 7.x
  4. Security report with clear guidelines for eliminating weaknesses


Analysis and safeguarding of
SAP®-system interfaces

Interface analysis: check inbound and outbound connections and relationships and get a graphical, cross-system overview of interfaces. Our security audits and penetration tests for SAP®-systems, repeatedly show unprotected interfaces that allow attackers direct access to SAP®-systems. Find out exactly where the weak points of your SAP® interfaces are and how to address them.


  1. Analysis of inbound and outbound RFC & HTTP connections
  2. Analysis of database connections and trust relationships
  3. Evaluation of system traces
  4. Generation of corresponding RFC roles at your fingertips


Control and secure your
SAP® transport management

Automate the routine tasks of the SAP® transport management process, using a compliance-focused workflow that ensures a more controlled and secure environment. Employing its workflow, you can easily maintain an audit trail and ensure compliance throughout your approval, testing and migration phases.
SAP® transport management provides you configurable transport workflows, automated transports in SAP®, faster change management and a documented audit trail.


  1. Minimize simple risks
  2. Enforce SAP® change management policy
  3. Reduce the burden of change management
  4. Cut the costs of audit preparation