To improve your process performance and transformation processes effectively, you need thorough knowledge of your actual process flows. Process Mining allows you to identify actual process flows and to measure the actual performance enabling you to realise succesful improvements.

Process Mining can be used as a factual enabler for a wide range of process and transformation relevant activities. Most important areas are:

1. Process Perspective

  • In operation: Process Improvement / Lean initiatives
    – continuous improvement (gap As-Is and To-Be)
    – even in the main/happy-flow process rating/scoring individual cases within the process variant
    – adjusting process variations to main/happy-flow process
  • For transformation projects: Provide process- and data transparency allowing to assess actual process and application use as designed and/or improve process use:
    – assess process variations from main/happy-flow
    – assess process bottlenecks and required user adoption corrections
    – assess potential compliance issues
    – proritize roll-outs, value/prioritize business improvements and assess pre- and post-transformation performance
    – as as basis for BPM design (by generating process flows based on data of current processes and exporting these process flows to a BPM modelling tool).

2. Application Perspective

  • Fact based input for process/application design and change assessments (comprehensive understanding of the pocesses, enabling root cause analysis, resulting in input for triggering appliance of default settings within the application to prevent unwanted process variants).

3. Security Perspective

  • Fact based input for Job-role definition (As-Is / To-Be)
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Critical Transactions Rule set design and/or validation.

4. Data Perspective

  • Data Quality transperency (e.g. double entries in master and transaction data, inconsistent reference tables across systems, missing or incorrect fields, etc.)
  • Data Migration support: support, control and ease process of data migration/conversion.