Improve the security management processes for your SAP-system.
Optimize the management of roles, speed up the resolution of security issues, simplify the implementation of strict password guidelines and streamline management of the SAP security testing process.

Automatic generation of SAP roles

Role Optimizer allows you to analyze and manage existing roles with regard to T-code use and perform mass role creation and change. As part of this module, we provide you with over 700 conflict-free sample roles for SAP ERP.


  1. Safe time and money in your project and operations
  2. Optimization of your user rights management
  3. Fast roll-out of new roles
  4. Greater transparency in user rights management
  5. Reduction of risk thanks to conflict-free roles


Capture and report all relevant security access issues

Security Troubleshooter lets you quickly capture and report all relevant information for rapid resolution of SAP security access issues. The result: issues are resolved faster, so SAP administrators spend less time on day-to-day problems, and users can back to their jobs with minimal frustration.


  1. Avoid back-and-forth with end users
  2. Resolve issues in one sitting
  3. Streamline processing
  4. Automate documentation


Simplify strict password guidelines and eliminate the costs for helpdesk calls

Password Self-Service functionality enables users to request an automatic password reset without having to involve your help desk. Simplify the implementation of strict password guidelines and eliminate the costs for helpdesk calls. The intranet-based self-service directly enables the user to reset personal passwords, generate new initial passwords automatically and reset blocked user accounts automatically thus eliminating long, time-intensive request processes involving the help desk.


  1. Eliminate wasted hours
  2. Minimize helpdesk calls
  3. Automate compliance documents


Manage user IDs and roles

Streamline and improve management of the SAP security testing process: manage user IDs and roles “en masse” for effortless rollouts.
The process of managing security testing process has always been a challenge for project teams. ControlPanelGRC Security Quality Assurance provides automatic “initial” unit testing on roles to ensure all transactions can be started.


  1. Better manage the SAP security testing process
  2. Streamline administration
  3. Reduce audit concerns
  4. Simplify security deployments