Risk Framework supports your organization in reaching a mature level of Risk Management.

Studies have shown that companies that score a higher level of Enterprise Risk Management Maturity are more successful in creating organizational value.

We support you in reaching a mature level of ERM through:

  • The set up and implementation of risk management processes throughout your organization
  • Structuring risk analysis using barrier based risk assessment
  • Integrating risk- and performance management, by:
    • providing “risk dashboards” and heat maps to multiple levels in your organization
    • linking risks to organizational locations, processes and compliance regulations
    • monitoring progress of risk mitigating measures and communicate actions throughout your organization

Barrier based risk assessment, using the BowTie method, allows you to analyze and communicate in what way high risk scenarios develop.


  1. Provides a structure to systematically analyze risk areas
  2. Helps identify where and how investing resources would have the greatest impact
  3. Increases risk communication and awareness

Risk Documentation

Agilos Risk Management solutions provide you with a centralized document repository of all risk related documents, with an easy search capability, ensures that users can find the requested information.

Risk Ownership

Agilos Risk Framework also has the ability to track risk profiles, control ownership, assessment plans, remediation status, etc. in graphical charts that display real-time information and can be accessed globally.

Risk Framework: compliance with
ISO 31000 / COSO II

Our Risk Framework is compliant with ISO 31000 and COSO II Risk Management.
Agilos provides you with a centralized risk framework to document and manage all risks identified by your organization. It supports risk assessment and analyses based on configurable methodologies, giving a clear view of your organization’s risk profile.