Today’s world shows increasing complexity and risks. This requires more insight and overview with regard to risk factors. Risk Identification provides the basis for more useful information and communication to realize a safe working environment and reliable operation for all stakeholders.

Using Risk Identification as a starting point, we assist you to address three basic questions:

  1. Do we understand what can go wrong?
  2. Do we know what your systems are to prevent this happening?
  3. Do we have information to assure us they are working effectively?

Barrier based risk management solutions

To deal with these questions and with constant change, companies need new and innovative means to manage their risks. Using world class barrier based risk management solutions we help you to identify risks. This allows you to  manage operational, tactical and strategic risks – from the work floor to a corporate level and across the enterprise.

Risk Identification: The BowTie method

The BowTie method is a structured approach to identify and manage risks. The method takes its name from the shape of the diagram that you create, which looks like a men’s bowtie. The BowTie method is used to analyze and communicate how high risk scenarios develop. The essence of the BowTie consists of plausible risk scenarios around a certain hazard, and ways in which the organization stops those scenarios from happening.



  1. Provides a structure to systematically analyze risk areas
  2. Helps you determine whether the current level of control is sufficient
  3. Helps identify where and how investing resources would have the greatest risk mitigating impact
  4. Increases risk communication and awareness